Deep in the world's most volatile and dangerous geopolitical fault zone lies a gemstone who's secrets are guarded by three nuclear powers!
The legend began in 1881 high atop the Great Himalayan mountain region of Zanskar, Kashmir.  A mule caravan of Afghani traders, en-route to India, stumbled across these blue chips later trading them for equal weight in salt. When the blue sapphires' rarity and value was soon realized, they were resold several times over, with profits totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.
When news of the "blues" reached the Maharaja of Kashmir, he demanded every transaction be undone and quickly took control of the mines  (Albert Ramsey 1934).

The Maharaja's people worked the famous mines until the early 1900's, but little has been reported since.  The limited quantity of Kashmir sapphires, mined and sold at the time, left a legacy unrivaled in the world today.  Nearly as rare although unlike the gold of Ophir, the Kashmir blue sapphires have been rediscovered!

Mining has recently commenced in the remote region of the Himalayan mountains and KashmirBlue is in-country to record history.  Field research includes interviews with local natives, miners and government officials.  Chemical analysis, microscopic examination and spectrophotometry of rough and faceted crystals will also yield more fact than fantasy regarding these long lost gems.