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Lot # LG12005
Dimensions: 8.6 x 4.6 x 3.9 mm Weight: 1.17 cts
Clarity: Moderately Included Shape: Cushion
Color Intensity: Strong Cut: Brilliant, Step
Texture: Light Tone: 65-70%
Treatment:  None; "No Heat" Brilliance: 90%
  Origin: Kashmir
• A beautiful purple pink "fushcia" color sapphire from the Valley of Kashmir, Pakistan territories.

• This stone displays a very good 1 1/4 ct face. The light silk allows for good brilliance.  The mine produced stones in a range of colors from purple to pink to ruby red.  The material displays a color shift from the more red (incandescent) to more purple (floursecent) spectrum. This photo was taken in flourescent white light displaying more pink/purple. We cut this stone from the rough. The stone is bright and lively without significant inclusions. An excellent stone for any rare gemstone collector.

• This Kashmir (Pakistan Valley) ruby & sapphire was documented by GIA, Gems & Gemology in 2009. The rough was sold in Peshawar until 2010. Very little material has come since.

Price: $800 (includes Switzerland's GRS certificate)
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