We have more than 50 faceted and approximately 20 rough samples prepared for sale. These samples are hand-picked from thousands of stones, collected over 10 years. They show particular diagnostic inclusions exclusive to Kashmir which will help the individual or laboratory identify origin. Most of the stones are cut from auction rough. I lost several hundred thousand dollars learning Kashmir stones. It is very difficult to differentiate Kashmir from other origins such as Cambodia, Ceylon or Madagascar. A sample of our stones are profiled below.

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R0103: Faceted 0.88ct
Classic Zoning - Two Variety Veil - "Gem" color -Original antique cushion cutting -Old stone pulled from a Kashmiri antique silver ring.
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R0110: (1 Window Rough)
Two Variety Silk -Comet Streamers - Two Variety Veils- Kaolin- Classic Zoning
R0108: 1 Window Rough
Black inclusion -One Variety Silk-Two Variety Veils-Kaolin - Classic zoning
R0106: 3 Window Rough
Two Variety Silk --Kaolin -4 Needles -Corrosion -
Black crystal -One Variety Veil
R0120: Faceted 0.25ct
Irrid. veils -Swiss Cheese -Flags -Classic zoning Alt.-Gem color
R0104: Faceted 0.45 ct
Sharp angular growth -Variety Silk
R0107: 1 Window Rough
Three Variety Veils -Two Variety Silk-
R0118: Faceted 0.40ct
Classid strong zoning w/ color / Core(fl) -Variety Silk
R0115: Faceted 0.44ct
15 needles - 1 needle branch -Kaolin Penetrating surface
R0100: 1 Window rough
Trapiche Kashmir! The only sample ever documented. Historically New!
R0184: Pink Faceted - Color Zoning - Blue / Pink - Kaolin
Rough - Classic Uraninite with Halo - Uraninite Cluster - classic Zoning