Ed Cleveland is a physical sciences graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder.  He went on to become a US Army Ranger.  Shortly after, he found himself in the country of Kashmir living among the native villagers.  This experience changed his world perspective and introduced him to the most rare and valuable gemstones ever found.

Today, he is one of the few who specialize in Kashmir sapphire, but works with all gemstones.  Ed spends his time in Kashmir ministering to the local people and searching the finest gemstones.

Our other team member is a master gem faceter with over 40 years cutting the finest gemstones in the world.  This gentleman has the spiritual gift of workmanship and in cutting stones.  

Team KB will use their wisdom, knowledge and understanding, to provide each and every one of our clients the finest quality natural gemstones this world has to offer.

How we can add additional value to your purchase:

– I am a specialist identifying, buying and selling Kashmir sapphire. (Feature Article:  Rappaport December 2007, Jewelry Business News June 2009, and Southern Jewelry News 2009.)
– My gemological experience indentifying stones includes working for the Lucerne, Switzerland based gemstone laboratory GRS under Dr. A. Peretti (the former Gubelin director).
– Experience is the only way to become an expert in the specialized trade of high end colored gemstones. Our experience can save you money and help you make wise investments.
– We are honest, hard working and understand what it takes to establish our name in the trade.

We thank you for reading and look forward to serving. God bless, Team KB